Zainabia Educational Society


Zainabia Child Sponsorship Scheme (ZCSS) was established in 1986 under Mehfil-e-Murtaza. It is now managed and run by Zainabia Educational Society (ZES), which was formed in July 2003, keeping in view the ever-expanding scope of ZCSS. ZES is a community welfare organization whose aims are:

Zainabia Child Sponsorship Scheme :

Assist and fund different deserving and needy students from all over Karachi, comprising both Sadaats and Non-Sadaats, in their education. These students are not only paid their subsidized tuition fees but are also provided funds for books, uniforms, etc.

Career Counselling :

Assist, guide and provide opportunities to individuals to excel in educational and professional fields by promoting various educational and professional avenues. It includes identifying various fields and disciplines so that community individuals are shaped towards brighter and self-financing careers for the prosperity of the community as a whole.

Summer Vacation Program :

Apart from academic education, ZES has successfully started conducting Summer Vacation programs which include providing training in short technical courses and conducting religious education Summer Camps. Last year over 450 ZCSS students took part in the latter.

By the grace of Almighty Allah (S.W.T.), ZES today, with its devoted and dedicated team, has touched great heights of success. For the Academic year 2004-2005 we aim to assist 800 students at a cost of Rs. 5 million per annum. Thus, the average cost of a student comes to approximately Rs. 6,000/- per annum. You are invited to sponsor any number of students on this basis. These students, both male and female, vary from Nursery to professional classes in faculties such as BE, BS, BBA, BCS, MBA, MCS, MBBS, LLB, etc.

Several professionals assisted by ZES, are now able to contribute significantly to support their families. Many are also involved in community welfare activities.

As Muslims, it is our moral duty to support and carry out sterling causes. We at ZES sincerely solicit your support and financial assistance for the smooth and efficient running of this unique scheme. Your contributions, however small, will surely serve as an investment for the time hereafter and will, Inshallah, continue as Sawab-e-Jaria. Why not hasten to contribute yourself during your own lifetime rather than depending on others and earn dividends here and in eternal Akherat. Remember, Generosity adds more to Prosperity.

Donors and well-wishers are welcome to visit Mehfil-e-Murtaza on Sunday mornings to witness our activities. We have dedicated workers who screen and scrutinize all applicants on uniform criteria to ensure judicious utilization of your contributions.

Zainabia Educational Society also caters for Sadaat children. As a matter of fact, they represent almost 65 % of the total beneficiaries. To this end, Zainabia Educational Society also collects Sehme Sadaat funds and these receipts are exclusively used for Sadaat children. It might be added here that Sehme Sadaat collected does not cover what is expended vis a vis Sadaat children and the resultant shortfall is made good from the general fund. An increase in the collection of Sehme Sadaat would free a corresponding amount for use on Non  Sadaat children, for which we solicit your contributions.

Those desiring to contribute may kindly contact ZES Secretariat, Mehfil-e-Murtaza or any of the ZES committee members.

Our bank account:
Bank Al Habib Ltd.,
Allama Iqbal Road Branch
Block II, PECHS, Karachi 75400.
A/C No.081-1484-019 Branch code 1026

With salaams and duas,